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Weekly Agenda 4/9-13

Monday- Appomattox Court House andLincoln's Assassination
Tuesday- Study Guide andVocabulary Quiz 13-23
Wed- Test 
Thurs- Reconstruction
Friday- Tennessee rejoins the USA

Weekly Agenda 4/2-4/6

Monday- Bull Run and Robert E Lee
Tuesday- Vocabulary crossword
Wednesday- Shiloh and U Grant
Thursday- Gettysburg
Friday- Emancipation Proclamation Vocab Quiz 1-12

Weekly Agenda 3/19-23

Monday - Museum Project
Tuesday- Slavery Debate
Wednesday- Bleeding Kansas
Thursday- Political Division
Friday- UncleTom's Cabin

Weekly Agenda 3/5-9

Monday- Folders due and work on study guide
Tuesday- Ch 13/14 Test
Wednesday- Underground Railroad
Thursday- Review of the Constitution
Friday- iMovie Manifest Destiny Review

Weekly Agenda 2/26-3/2

Monday- Immigration
Tuesday- Reform (Education and Prison)
Wednesday- Anti-slavery
Thursday- Women's Rights
Friday- Folders Due and Jeopardy Game
Tuesday 3/6 Ch 13/14 Test

Weekly Agenda 2/12

Monday Ch 11 Test
Tuesday Ch 11 Pic collage/ Movie clip
Wed Industrial Revolution
Thur Industrial Rev

Weekly Agenda 2/5-9

Monday- Davy Crockett and Texas Independence
Tuesday- Manifest Destiny
Wednesday- Mexican/American War
Thursday- Gold Rush
Friday- Study Guide
Monday 2/12- Test

Weekly Agenda 1/29-2/2

Monday- Moving West
Tuesday- Texas Independence 
Wednesday- Alamo
Thursday- Davy Crockett
Friday- Oregon Trails

Weekly Agenda 1/22-26

Monday- 10.2 A. Jackson and the Tariff of Abomination
Tuesday- 10.3 A. Jackson and the Indian Removal Act
Wednesday- Mrs. Mercer
Thursday- Study Guide Review
Friday- Ch 9 and 10 Test 

Weekly Agenda 1/8-12

Monday- Monroe Doctrine game
Tuesday- Monroe
Wednesday- Erie Canal
Thursday- Missouri Compromise
Friday- Election of 1824

Weekly agenda Dec 18-20

Monday- 50 States review
Tuesday- Colony Map and Rivers and Mountains
Wednesday- Seterra Map Activity

Weekly Agenda Dec 11-17

Monday- Battle of New Orleans
Tuesday- Andrew Jackson
Wednesday- Study Guide, folder checklist
Thursday- Ch 7 Test
Friday- Folders due, 1st Semester Review Guide

Weekly Agenda Dec 4-8

Monday- Neutrality Troubles
Tuesday- Western Problems, Tecumseh
Wednesday- Vocabulary Review, Kahoot 
Thursday- Mrs. Mercer, Quiz Review
Friday- War of 1812, Vocabulary Quiz

Nov 27-Dec 1

Monday- Election of 1800 and Marbury v Madison
Tuesday- Marbury v Madison and T Jefferson's Policies
Wednesday- Louisiana Purchase
Thursday- Lewis and Clark
Friday- Louisiana Purchase activity