Quarter 4 - Week 9 (5/14 - 5/18)


Memphis in May 2018 : The Czech Republic

Celebrating the Czech Republic is the year-long focus of the 2018 Memphis in May International Festival. The Czech Republic is the twelfth European country to be honored in the festival’s history, and its selection by Memphis in May International Festival coincides with their celebration of 100 years as an independent nation, beginning as Czechoslovakia in 1918.

The Memphis in May International Festival is excited to honor this prosperous and progressive country. Join us as we celebrate the 42nd annual Memphis in May International Festival and learn about the incredible cultures, cuisines, customs and commerce of the Czech Republic.


What Are We Studying?

Reading Focus: Central Ideas/Supporting Details, & Making Inferences using Textual Evidence, Informational Text w/ Statistics

Writing Focus: Persuasive & Informational Compositions

Language Focus: Descriptive Language, Transition Words, Modals


What Are We Doing?

Monday (5/14): iMovie Creation (History of the Czech Republic)

Tuesday & Wednesday (5/15-16): Czech Republic Travel Guide Research

Thursday (5/17): Green Screen Movie Creation (Czech Republic Travel Guide) 

        ***Quiz Grade***

Friday (5/18): Reading Comprehension Practice (Substitute)

        ***Classwork Grade***