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September in the Library!

In September, we will be making book trailers in the library for all SFMS students to enjoy!  We are hoping to have then linked to the library page for students to enjoy from home.  Hopefully - this will give our students some new ideas of possible books to read.  
September is Library Card Month!  Please stop by the Collierville Burch Library to get a library card!  The library has over 50,000 ebooks to choose from and many selections in print form!  Also - take advantage of the book store inside the library lobby.  They have great books for purchase for $1.00!!!!  Hope to see you there!

Battle of the Books!!!!

We are starting our Battle of the Books club.  The first meeting will be Thursday Sept. 8 from 3:15 - 4:15.  The meeting will be held in the art room on the 300 hallway!  I can't wait to see you there!!!

August in the Library!

This month in the library we are discussing the Library Orientation.  The students are reviewing the procedures for using the SFMS library.  We are also discussing the books offered in the book fair!  Please stop by and shop any time during the day!  I'd love to tell you all about the books!
RTI     In our RTI group we are reading and discussing the book Schooled written by Gordon Korman.  It is a wonderful book about a 13 year old boy that will have to attend public school for the first time.  We will discuss the challenges he faces and the lessons learned by all characters.  If you have never read this book - you are encouraged to read and enjoy this book!

Book Fair!!!!!

The Schilling Farms Middle School book fair will be here on August 22-26th!  Please plan to visit the library during this time to shop or attend our Open House Book Fair on August 23rd in the gym from 5:30-7:30.  I have seen the book selection and we are getting some great books!!!  Please encourage your family to take time to read!

New Books!

We have new books in the library!!!  Our new books have been delivered and are ready to be enjoyed!  Please come by the library to see what we have available for you!

SFMS Library Procedures!

SFMS Library

The SFMS library is open from 8:15 to 2:50 every day.   Students are expected to have their agenda book signed by a teacher and to sign in when they enter the library.

Students may check out two items for a three-week period.  In middle school, students visit the library with their entire class at different intervals. If a student visits the library on their own to check-out books, they need to keep in mind their due date for their books.  Students are responsible for all items they check out.  A calendar is provided in the agenda book so that students may make note of when their books are due.

A fine of 10 cents per school day will be charged for each overdue item.  Fines continue to accrue until the overdue item has been returned.  Students with overdue items or library fines will not be allowed to check out another item until they have cleared their library record.

A student may renew a book as often as needed. Books that are high demand may not be renewed.  


Students will be charged the replacement cost for any books or audio books that are lost or damaged.  If the lost item is later found and returned, the student’s money will be refunded.

A class list of overdue items will be sent to homeroom teachers on a monthly. This is the only notice students will receive of past due items and library fines. The student is responsible for returning overdue items and clearing fines.  Report cards will be held for any student with outstanding fines or overdue books until the library record for that student has been cleared. 


Students who use the Internet at SFMS must have on file a copy of the Acceptable Use Policy of Collierville Schools, signed by both the student and a parent.  Students must ask permission before accessing the internet on library computers. Library computers are reserved for accessing the library’s catalog, research, and, just learning interesting information.



These students are responsible for maintaining a section of library shelves by straightening and cleaning them weekly.  This may be done before or after school.  Students may count this activity toward volunteer service hours.  Applications may be obtained from Mrs. France in the library.  The application, which includes both teacher reference and parent permission, is due early in the school year.  Library Crew members will be chosen and notified by early September, and they will begin their library service after an orientation meeting.

Students may check with Mrs. France at the beginning of each nine weeks to see if there are openings for new Crew members.


Welcome to the West Collierville Middle School library page!  We are adding many new titles in print and also in electronic version!  If you are not sure how to log into your ebook account - check with me and I'll get you started! The website is on your class link.  Log into class link and select Destiny Discover. This will allow you to open, read, and check-out the ebooks.  We want you enjoying our books!!!