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    Welcome to P.E. at West Collierville Middle School! We strive to inspire each student to find something they enjoy while being physically active. We are looking forward to a fantastic year. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me at





In The Gym This Week

We will be in the Varsity gym again this week.We will do some warm up exercises and then go outside and walk. Please wear some type of athletic clothing and tennis shoes.

2021 WCMS Boys Soccer

2021 WCMS Boys Soccer Roster

  1. Raif Bialy
  2. Aaron Block
  3. Robbie Denzer
  4. Gavin Doonan
  5. Nicholas Graham
  6. Oliver Haluska
  7. Heriberto Jasso
  8. Kanishk Kathiriya
  9. Grayson Keenum
  10. Ethan Long
  11. Beau Manley
  12. Jase McCkloskey
  13. Jack Mettee
  14. Ben Mettee
  15. Matias Rios
  16. Diego Rodrigues
  17. Rafael Rodrigues
  18. Reyansh Sharma
  19. Jack Stanton
  20. Jared Witmer
  21. Zach Trexler
  22. Chance Joiner