Math » 7th Grade Eureka Math Parent Tips

7th Grade Eureka Math Parent Tips

Module 1 - Ratios and Proportional Relationships
A - Proportional Relationships
B - Unit Rate and Constant of Proportionality
C - Ratios and Rates Involving Fractions
D - Ratios of Scale Drawings
Module 2 - Rational Numbers
A - Addition and Subtraction of Integers and Rational Numbers
B - Multiplication and Division of Integers and Rational Numbers
C - Applying Operations with Rational Numbers to Expressions and Equations
Module 3 - Expressions and Equations
A - Use Properties of Operations to Generate Equivalent Expressions
B - Solve Problems Using Expressions, Exponents, and Inequalities
C - Use Equations and Inequalities to Solve Geometry Problems
Module 4 - Percent and Proportional Relationships
A - Finding the Whole
B - Percent Problems Including More than One Whole
C - Scale Drawings
D - Population, Mixture, and Counting Problems Involving Percents
Module 5 - Statistics and Probability
A - Calculating and Interpreting Probabilities
B - Estimating Probabilities
C - Random Sampling and Estimating Population Characteristics
D - Comparing Populations
Module 6 - Geometry
A - Unknown Angles
B - Constructing Triangles
C - Slicing Solids
D - Problems Involving Area and Surface Area
E - Problems Involving Volume