Math » 8th Grade Eureka Math Parent Tips

8th Grade Eureka Math Parent Tips

Module 1 - Integer Exponents and Scientific Notation
A - Exponential Notation and Properties of Integer Exponents
B - Magnitude and Scientific Notation
Module 2 - The Concept of Congruence
A - Definitions and Properties of The Basic Rigid Motions
B - Sequencing the Basic Rigid Motions
C - Congruence and Angle Relationships
D - The Pythagorean Theorem 
Module 3 - Similarity 
A - Dilation
B - Similar Figures
C - The Pythagorean Theorem
Module 4 - Linear Equations
A - Writing and Solving Linear Equations
B - Linear Equations in Two Variables and their Graphs
C - Slope and Equations of Lines
Topics D & E
Module 5 - Examples of Functions from Geometry
A - Functions
B - Volume
Module 6 - Linear Functions
A - Linear Functions
B - Bivariate Numerical Data
C - Linear and Nonlinear Models
D - Bivariate Categorical Data
Module 7 - Introductions to Irrational Numbers Using Geometry
A - Square and Cube Roots
B - Decimal Expansions of Numbers
C - The Pythagorean Theorem
D - Applications of Radicals and Roots