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Jan 21-25

Monday- MLK Jr. Day- no school
Tuesday- Wednesday- we will take a look at the amazing Renaissance art!
Thursday- Advancements of the Renaissance
Friday- We will begin the Protestant Reformation
The test over the Renaissance and Reformation will be Friday 2/1 :)

Jan 14- Jan 18th

This week we will begin the Renaissance! There will be a vocabulary quiz on this Friday, so please study! The study guide is in Schoology in Q3 folder and titled 'Renaissance and Reformation Vocab study guide'. 
I hope that you have a wonderful week! :) 

Jan 7- Jan 11th

I hope that everyone had a restful break and a fabulous holiday!
We are beginning the Renaissance this week, but we will review last semester and our Case 21 results Monday and Tuesday. There will not be any test or quizzes this week!
Have a great week! 


This week we will be finishing up the Middle Ages! There will be a test on this THURSDAY over the Middle Ages. PLEASE start studying now! The study guide is in the Q2 folder:)

December 3rd- December 6th!

There will be a vocabulary quiz Friday! Study guide is in Schoology!
Monday: Battle of Hastings!
Tuesday- Feudalism & Manorialism 
Wednesday- Life of a monk!
Thursday- Crusades
Friday- Vocab quiz

November 26th- 30th

I hope that my kids had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! There is a study guide (vocab) in Schoology for the quiz on Friday!
Monday-  Intro to the Middle Ages and Europe Map!
Tuesday- Who had the most power...the Popes or the Kings during the Middle Ages? We will debate in order to discover who has the most power! The struggle is real!
Wednesday-  Did Charlemagne deserve the title of 'The Great' ? We will find out!
Thursday- Feudalism discovery- this is how the Middle Ages was set up!
Friday- Middle Ages quiz and review! 

Nov 12- 16th

Monday- Case 21
Tuesday- We will spend today reviewing Japan and going over our past assessments!
Wednesday- We will begin the Middle Ages
Thursday- Map of Europe
Friday- Have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!
There will not be any test or quizzes this week!

There are only a few standards on Japan, so we will have a brief quiz on Friday over Japan. The study guide is in Schoology. :)
Monday- Test over China
Tuesday- We will begin Japan
Wed- Influence of China
Thurs- Samurai!
Fri- Quiz

Oct 29th- Nov 2nd

My kiddos are awesome! We will have our China test next Monday, so make sure you study! Study guide is in Schoology :)
Monday- Song achievements- so many inventions that still impact our life today!
Tuesday- Confucius- what a cool dude!
Wednesday- Mongols- brutal peeps!
Thursday- We will finish up with the Ming Dynasty!
Friday - Quiz over notes and then we will review for the test on Monday

October 22- 26

We will begin China this week! So many cool inventions! We will have a vocabulary quiz this Friday. The study guide is in Schoology!
Monday- Geography of China!
Tuesday- Map and effects of physical geography. 1st period will complete a practice TN Ready assessment (this will not count as an actual grade).
Wednesday- Tang Dynasty
Thursday- Song Dynasty
Friday- Vocab quiz and review
You are awesome!

Oct 15-19

I hope that you all had an awesome Fall Break! Africa Test will be Thursday! Study Guide is in Schoology
Monday: Mali Empire
Tuesday- Songhai Empire
Wednesday- Review
Thursday- Test
Friday- Pep Rally and in-house Field Trip!
We will begin China next! :) 
Love my kiddos

Oct 1st- Oct 5th

There will be a vocabulary quiz this Thursday!
Monday- We will discover the Ghana Empire
Tuesday- The fears and concerns of the Mali Empire leaders will be evaluated!
WED- we will be comparing and contrasting the leaders of the Songhai ti the ones of the Mali and the Ghana Empires!
Thurs- Vocab quiz and Power Point project
Friday- Finish up Power Point
Have a wonderful Fall Break!

9/24- 9/29

We will have our Arabia Test on Tuesday and then we will move on to Africa!
Monday- Review for the test
Tuesday- Test
Wednesday- Intro to Africa!
Thursday- Kingdom of Ghana
Friday- Kingdom of Mali


Monday- We will finish up Arabian empires!
Tuesday- Wednesday- I will be at a training, so the kids will have a sub. Arabian story
Thursday- Friday- Case 21 benchmark test
Monday- Review for the test
Tuesday- Arabia test- the study guide is in Schoology :)


Vocab Quiz this Friday
Monday- Arabia Contributions 
Tuesday- 9/11 Remembrance
Wednesday- Arabia trade routes
Thursday- Muslim Empires
Friday- Half Day for the kiddos- Vocab quiz