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Library Orientation

Welcome to the Library!!!
Open Circulation
Our library hours are 7:45am to 2:45.  Please have a signed agenda to come to the library for Open Circulation.
Students may visit the library for open circulation every day between 7:45 and 2:45.  The library is closed to students during afternoon homeroom.  *Remember to sign-in and sign-out when visiting the library on your own.
Student Access to the Library
Students visit the library at determined intervals with their classes to check out books.  Students are allowed to return a book at anytime.  The return slot is inside the library at the check-out desk.  If the librarian is teaching a class, the student needs to enter the library quietly and put the book in the slot and not disturb the class.
Check-out, Over dues, and Fines
Each student may check out 2 books at a time, for a period of 3 weeks.  Students are responsible for bringing their books back to the library on time.  Overdue fines are .05 a day per book.  Students with overdue books or library fines will not be allowed to check out books until their books are returned and their fines have been cleared.  Students will be charged for lost or damaged books.  If a student loses a book, please see Mrs. France right away.  We will look for the book in the library.  After that, the student must pay for or replace the original book (similar binding).  Students must return books to the return "slot" at the circulation desk in order for the books to be properly cleared from their records.  Lost books that have been paid for will be re-purchased on May 1st of that year.  Found books will not be refunded after this time.  Every effort will be made to distribute overdue notices to students once a month through their homeroom teachers.  Overdue and fine notices will be printed the week before report cars are issued.  However, the student is ultimately responsible for books he or she checks out. Please take care of any library situations as soon as possible so we can have that book available for the other students to enjoy.  Also - we don't want anyone to lose any fun privileges at school due to overdue fines.  Students may be required to remain in the library during fun events, such as field day, if there is an outstanding fine.
Library Rules
1.  Follow directions the first time given.
2.  Be in your seat and ready to listen for instructions when class begins.
3.  Show pride and respect in the use of library materials.  Please treat books kindly.
4.  Raise your hand to speak and wait to be called on.  Ask questions!
5.  Inappropriate library behavior will not be tolerated: (running, shoving, etc.) We have equipment in the library that can be dangerous if not used properly, so please stay safe.
6.  Courteous, respectful and appropriate behavior is expected from everybody.  Help each other!
7.  When our class is over, please make sure your area is clean and your chair pushed under the table ready for the next guest.
Consequences for failure to follow library rules
1.  Student receives warning - documented in the Discipline log.
2.  Student will confer with teacher.  Parent contact is made.
3.  Repeat step 2.  Includes a formal detention warning.
4.  Detention assigned.  Conduct grade cannot be higher than "S".
5.  Repeat step 4.  Parent conference required.  Conduct lowered to "N".
6.  Disciplinary referral to office.
Internet Usage
Students who use the Internet at WCMS must have on file a copy of the Student User Agreement Form.  Both the student and parent must sign the form.  Students may only use the internet at school for school purposes. Any violation of this rule will result in the loss of internet privileges while at school.  Don't violate this rule - you will lose the trust Mrs. France has in you.
We also have a book club here at WCMS.  We are part of the Shelby County Battle of the Books group.  If you are interested, please see that information on the library website and talk to Mrs. France.  It is a lot of fun to meet and get to know other people that share your interest in reading!
Read, Read, Read!