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LA Agenda Jan.21-25

Monday, January 21 NO SCHOOL
Tuesday, January 22 Library Day
Wednesday, January 23 QUIZ The Cay Ch8-13
Homework all week: Read Ch.13-end of the novel for quiz Jan.28
Thursday, January 24 "Zlateh the Goat" text dependent questions/review
Friday, January 25 Class Work grade taken "Zlateh the Goat"

LA Agenda Jan.14-18

Monday, January 14 QUIZ The Cay Ch1-7, vocab, powerpoint notes
HOMEWORK all week: Read The Cay Ch8-13 for QUIZ Jan.23
Tuesday, January 15 complete Author's Purpose and review POV
Wednesday, January 16 Class Work grade taken POV and Author's Purpose
Thursday, January 17 read/discuss "Zlateh the Goat"
Friday, January 18 annotate "Zlateh the Goat"
**Monday, January 21 NO SCHOOL**

LA Agenda Jan 7-11

Monday, January 7 intro Q3 novel, powerpoint with notes
MONDAY'S HOMEWORK: download novel from Schoology into ibooks
HOMEWORK ALL WEEK: read Chapters 1-7 for Quiz Jan. 14
Tuesday, January 8 point of view powerpoint with notes
Wednesday, January 9 point of view activity
Thursday, January 10 author's purpose powerpoint with notes
Friday, January 11 author's purpose activity 
QUIZ Monday, January 14

LA Agenda 12-17 through 12-21

Monday, December 17 complete all school work, then begin Percy Jackson movie with graphic organizer
Tuesday, December 18 continue movie with graphic organizer if school work is complete
Wednesday, December 19 SCHOOL PLAY
Thursday, December 20 continue movie with graphic organizer
Friday, December 21 complete movie with graphic organizer

LA agenda Dec.10-Dec.14

Monday, December 10 complete research project, due in Schoology by 6PM
Monday 7:10-7:40 Retake Cold Read if grade was failing
Tuesday, December 11 present research projects
Tuesday 7:10-7:40 Retake Cold Read if grade was failing
Wednesday, December 12 present research projects
Thursday, December 13 read/discuss "Hunting a Snake Headed Monster"
Friday, December 14 read/discuss "Hunting a Snake Headed Monster" compare and contrast to Percy Jackson

LA Agenda 12-3 thru 12-7

Monday, 12-3 annotate articles 1 and 2, begin graphic organizers
Monday's homework: THEME handout
Tutoring Tuesday morning 7:10-7:40 to work on graphic organizers
Tuesday, 12-4 complete graphic organizers, due by 6PM in schoology for CW grade
Wednesday, 12-5 use graphic organizers to TYPE argumentative essay
Thursday, 12-6 Technology lesson with technology trainer, type if time allows
Friday, 12-7 Technology lesson with technology trainer, type if time allows **Argumentative Essay due in Schoology by 6PM** for TEST grade

Adjusted LA agenda 11-26 thru 11-11-30

Monday, 11-26 Percy Jackson Quiz #4
Tuesday, 11-27 QUIZ RETAKE OPPORTUNITY 7:10-7:40
Tuesday, 11-27 Cold read for TEST grade
Wednesday, 11-28 LIBRARY DAY
Thursday, 11-29 QUIZ RETAKE OPPORTUNITY 7:10-7:40
Thursday, 11-29 Read/Discuss Article #1 for argumentative essay
Friday, 11-30 Read/Discuss Article #2 for argumentative essay, begin annotations if time allows

Tentative Lang Arts Agenda 11-26 through 11-30

Monday, 11-26 QUIZ The Lightning Thief Ch17-end of the novel
Tuesday, 11-27 7:10-7:40 re-take session for failing quiz grades in room 151
Tuesday, 11-27 TEST Cold Read Q2
Wednesday, 11-28 read/discuss Article #1 for Argumentative Essay
Thursday, 11-29 7:10-7:40 re-take session for failing quiz grades in room 151
Thursday, 11-29 read/discuss Article #2 for Argumentative Essay
Friday, 11-30 annotate article, essay Graphic Organizer if time allows
Homework all week: finish class work at home as needed

LA agenda 11-12 to 11-16

Monday, Nov 12 QUIZ #3 The Lightning Thief
Homework all week--finish the novel for QUIZ #4 11-26
Tuesday, Nov 13 Inference activity (from last Friday-we ran out of time) for CLASSWORK grade
Wednesday, Nov 14  CASE 21 online assessment
Thursday, Nov 15 CASE 21 online assessment
Friday, Nov 16 read/discuss non-fiction article

LA Agenda Nov.5-9

*Tentative LA Agenda*
Monday, Nov. 5 classes 1,2,3 have LIBRARY, but classes 5,6 re-do TDQ's for better grades
Tuesday, Nov. 6 QUIZ #2 The Lightning Thief 
HOMEWORK ALL WEEK: read The Lightning Thief Ch11-16 QUIZ Nov. 12
Wednesday, Nov.7 classes 1,2,3 re-do TDQ's for better grades, but classes 5,6 have LIBRARY
Thursday, Nov. 8 Lesson on making INFERENCES, group activity
Friday, Nov. 9 Inferences individual activity for CW grade


Congrats to all of our Spelling Bee qualifiers and alternates!  Ask your child how he or she did in today's class Spelling Bee!  The qualifiers will automatically be a part of the WCMS Spelling Bee!

Tentative Agenda 10-29 through 11-2

Monday, October 29 QUIZ The Lightning Thief Ch1-5
Homework all week: read Ch 6-10 for Quiz Monday 11-5
Tuesday, October 30 Spelling Bee
Wednesday, October 31 TONE lesson
Thursday/Friday Nov1-2 In class activity on theme/tone with CW grade taken
 Friday, Nov 2 REVISED ESSAYS DUE in schoology by 8PM

Agenda Oct. 22-26

Homework all week: Read The Lightning Thief chapters 1-5 (QUIZ 10-29)
Monday, Oct. 22 Intro mythology, read/discuss myth #1
**Assign Hatchet essay revision for TEST grade due 11-2 at 8 PM**
Monday's homework: download The Lightning Thief from Schoology into iBooks
Tuesday, Oct. 23 mini lesson on theme, continue myth #1
Wednesday, Oct. 24 review myth #1, read/discuss myth #2
Thursday, Oct. 25 mini lesson on tone, continue myth #2
Friday, Oct. 26 text dependent questions on both myths (classwork grade)

Agenda October 15-19

Monday, October 15 Cold Read for TEST grade
Tuesday, October 16 go over Cold Read
Wednesday, October 17 begin Cold Read activities
Thursday, October 18 cont Cold Read activities with citing evidence
Friday, October 19 cont Cold Read activities reviewing Central Idea
NO HOMEWORK THIS WEEK unless daily classwork is incomplete