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Honor Choir Course Content


Honors Chorus      G. Cacy      

*paused for the moment


Vocal Music is designed for the student who is interested in vocal performance.  The chorus

will perform a variety of music:  pop, novelty, foreign language, secular, sacred, and festival

(concert-style). Honors Chorus will meet five days a week.  



Respect others and yourself

Always try to do your best

Enjoy the moment

SLANT (Sit up, Listen, Ask questions, Nod, Track the speaker)




At all times, be respectful to your teachers and fellow students.


Be in your seat and ready to learn.


String bags and water bottles must be kept under your desk at all times.


Do not eat food or chew gum in class or in the hallways.


Take a direct route to your classes without stopping to talk or going to another location.

Use transition times between classes for water and restroom breaks.


iPads must remain OFF while in homeroom, the hallways, and the restrooms.


When you arrive to class, place your iPad on your desk, screen side down, and wait

for directions.


When not in use, keep the iPad screen side down on your desk.


Use the iPad for school use as instructed by your teacher only. This includes using

the internet, apps, airdrop, email, taking photos or videos, audio recordings,

and using head phones or ear buds.


Never allow another student to use or borrow your iPad.



Step 1: Student receives warning, which is documented in Discipline Log.

Step 2: Student will confer with teacher. Parent contact is made

Step 3: Repeat Step 2. Includes a formal detention warning.

Step 4: Detention assigned.  Conduct grade for the quarter cannot be higher than “S”.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4. Parent conference required.

Conduct grade for the quarter cannot be higher than “N”.

Step 6: Disciplinary referral to office.


* Students assigned to in-school suspension will be assigned an “N” in conduct for

the class where the misconduct occurred.

*Students assigned to out-of-school suspension will be assigned a “N” in conduct for

the class where the misconduct occurred.

*Incidents of bullying, fighting, insubordination, cursing, or stealing, will be referred

to administration immediately.

* Failure to serve detention will result in assignment to Saturday School.

* Cell phones in the classroom are documented in the Discipline Log, confiscated,

and turned in to the grade level administrator by the end of the day.

* Students found cheating will receive an automatic detention from the teacher.

Subsequent offenses will result in a disciplinary referral. The assignment must be

made up without grade penalty.

* Tardies to class should be documented in the Discipline Log just as any other

student misconduct.



Academic Achievement                                                     Conduct

A  93 - 100                                                                              E 

B   85 - 92                                                                               S 

C   75 - 84                                                                               N 

D   70 - 74                                                                              

F    0 – 69                                                                               


Choir is a co-curricular subject and involves time requirements both inside and outside normal school hours. The commitment level from each individual is the foundation of our choir program and is reflected in outstanding performances. Grades will be calculated using the following:

•       Assessments - Students will have 2-3 assessment grades per nine weeks. These assessments will typically be recorded assignments submitted via Schoology. All assessments will be announced well in advance and will be reviewed thoroughly in class.

•       Classwork - Classwork can include any written assignment or informal singing assessment used to check for understanding and comprehension. Some written classwork assignments may need to be completed at home, while some can be completed in class.

•       Practice Logs - Students will be required to practice a minimum of 100 minutes per week. This equates to 20 per day, five days per week. Please do not try and practice 100 minutes at once. Practice logs will be completed through, a free tracker just for choir.


Choir Apps

Over the course of the school year, the WCMS Choir will utilize several apps and websites in order to streamline both hybrid and in-class learning. Examples of these apps and websites would be SmartMusic, Practopus, MusicTheory,  etc. Some of these apps require parent approval for students under the age of 13. By signing the Course Agreement form, you acknowledge and give your student permission to use these apps and websites.



After school rehearsals will take place Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday from 3:20 - 4:30.

After school rehearsals will begin the second nine weeks and will continue through the

end of the year. Each section of the choir will be split for an individual practice day.

The split will be as follows: 

Monday- Soprano 1

Tuesday- Soprano 2

Thursday- Alto




Concert attendance is mandatory and is a grade. All dates for concert performances are

announced at the beginning of the school year.  Excused absences from concerts will be

granted in cases of genuine emergency only, such as a serious illness of the student or

death in the family.  Call the school and leave a message if such an emergency arises.

Family trips, shopping, forgetfulness, etc., do not justify absences.  An unexcused absence

from any concert will be dealt with on an individual basis.



There is always a possibility that additional performances, for special programs, will be

added during the year.  You will be notified at least 2 weeks in advance, if possible,

so arrangements can be made for attendance at the performance.  When there are extra

performances I would like to have 100% participation.



The ladies will wear a long black dress, black shoes, and 16” pearls. The dress will be

purchased from Formal Fashion. The black shoes can be open toed. Please make them


The gentlemen will wear a tuxedo shirt, tuxedo pants, vest, black shoes, and bow tie.

The tux will be purchased from Formal Fashion. 




Students will be assigned a folder to be kept in the chorus room.  Each student should

bring with them their agenda book and a pencil every day.



  • TBD
    • WCMS auditorium, 7:00 PM (At 6:35, 6th grade report to the gym, 7th  & 8th grade
report to the orchestra room, and Honor Choir report to the band room.)


  • TBD
    • WCMS auditorium, 7:00 PM (At 6:35, 6th grade report to the choir room, 7th  & 8th grade
report to the orchestra room , and Honor Choir report to the band room. )



All-Southwest Honor Choir – for 7th and 8th grade choral students (auditioned group)


You may go to  for more information



*Jr. High Choral Festival




My web site will have important information that will be updated weekly. If you

are ever in question of class guidelines, dates, or times this

web site is very helpful. The web address is:


The West TN Vocal Music Education Association’s web site is:


I have great expectations for the Choral Program at West Collierville Middle School

and with your help we can make this a great year of fun and learning.  If you have

any questions, please feel free to contact me.  I am looking forward to working with you this year.