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Weekly Agenda January 14-19

Monday 1/14- Punnett Squares Notes
Tuesday 1/15- Punnett Square Practice
Wednesday 1/16- Practice
Thursday 1/17- Review
Friday 1/18- Genetics Test

Weekly Agenda January 7-11

Monday 1/7- Heredity title page and vocabulary
Tuesday 1/8- Heredity notes "Genotype/Phenotype"
Wednesday 1/9- Practice Genotype/Phenotype
Thursday 1/10- Genotype/Phenotype Quiz
Friday 1/11- Heredity notes "Predicting probability"

Weekly Agenda December 17-21

Monday 12/17- Review
Tuesday 12/18- TEST over mitosis/meiosis and sexual/asexual reproduction
Wednesday 12/19- Semester 1 review
Thursday 12/20- Semester 1 review
Friday 12/21- 1/2 day!
Merry Christmas!

Weekly Agenda December 10-14

Monday 12/10Meiosis disorder project
Tuesday 12/11Meiosis disorder project
Wednesday 12/12Sexual/ Asexual reproduction
Thursday 12/13Cell reproduction review
Friday 12/14TEST!! Mitosis, Meiosis, sexual/asexual reproduction

Weekly Agenda December 3-7

Monday 12/3Minute Mitosis

Tuesday 12/4- Minute Mitosis

Wednesday 12/5Mitosis Quiz

Thursday 12/6meiosis notes

Friday 12/7meiosis practice

Weekly Agenda November 26-30

Monday 11/26- Mitosis title page and vocab
Tuesday 11/27- Mitosis notes
Wednesday 11/28- Guidance
Thursday 11/29- Mitosis in action project
Friday 11/30-Mitosis in action project

Weekly Agenda November 12-16

Monday 11/12- Filming with green screen

Tuesday 11/13- Cell Processes test

Wednesday 11/14- Cell Projects due!

Thursday 11/15- Cell Project presentations

Friday 11/16- Project presentations

Weekly Agenda November 5-9

Monday 11/5- Review Diffusion. Quiz Retake (Must have flashcards completed in order to retake quiz)
Tuesday 11/6- Photosynthesis/ Cellular Respiration notes
Wednesday 11/7- Card sort - Practicing Photosynthesis/Cellular Respiration Classwork grade
Thursday 11/8- Green Screen in-class project
Friday 11/9- Green Screen in-class project

October 29-November 2

Monday 10/29- Homeostasis Notes
Tuesday 10/30- Notes continued and practice activity.
Osmosis gummy bear lab
Thursday 11/1- Finish gummy bear lab
Friday 11/2- Quiz

Weekly Agenda October 22-26

Monday 10/22- Finish body systems project in class
Tuesday 10/23- Present Body systems
Wednesday 10/24Gallery walk Body Systems
Thursday 10/25- Body systems quiz - Begin Cell processes title page 
Friday 10/26- Cell processes vocab

Weekly Agenda October 15-19

Monday 10/15- Assign cell city
Tuesday 10/16- Levels of organization notes
Wednesday 10/17- Guidance
Thursday 10/18- in-class body systems project
Friday 10/19- play/pep rally

Weekly Agenda October 1-5

Monday 10/1- Parts of a cell notes
Tuesday 10/2- Labelling parts of a cell activity
Wednesday 10/3- Review 
Thursday 10/4- Parts of cell Test 
Friday 10/5- Review Q1

Weekly Agenda September 24-28

Monday 9/24-Finish stop motion video/ Unit 3 Title Page (Cells)
Tuesday 9/25- Unit 3 Lessons 1-3 Vocabulary
Wednesday 9/26- Lesson 1: Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic cells
Thursday 9/27- Lesson 1: Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic cells
Friday 9/28Lesson 1 QUIZ!

Weekly Agenda September 17-21

Monday 9/17- Change of state notes
Tuesday 9/18- Case 21 Part 1
Wednesday 9/19- Case 21 Part 2
Thursday 9/20- Review change of state activity
Friday 9/21- Change of state Quiz (Unit 1: Lessons 5 and 6)

Weekly Agenda September 10-14

Monday 9/10- Unit 1 Lessons 1-4 Review
Tuesday 9/11-TEST (Properties of matter, physical and chemical changes, elements, mixtures and compounds)
Wednesday 9/12- Guidance
Thursday 9/13- Lesson 5 States of Matter and Changes of State
Friday 9/14- 1/2 day for students! Parent/Teacher Conferences