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Solo and Ensemble

Who: All orchestra students
Event Date: April 7, 2018
Time: TBD
Location: TBD
Price: One entry free with orchestra fee. Additional entries $10 a piece. 

Students should go directly into the band room to register. When students arrive, they should sign in at the registration desk. They will then need to find me if they need their original part. If you already own the original book, make sure you copy your piece and have the measures numbered. You will need to give the original to the judges. Once you are done performing, you may leave. Mrs. Hall will give you your results when you come to class.

General Information

Solo and ensemble gives students opportunity to be recognized for their individual achievement. Students prepare a solo or ensemble (duet or trio) to perform for judges. The song must be at least 64 measures in length but that may include repeats. Medals are awarded for earning Superior and Excellent.

Soloists choose their own time. They will sign up for a time when they arrive. They may perform between 8 - 2. Plan to wait an hour from when they sign up for a time and when they will perform. If playing in an ensemble plan to coordinate times with all performers. Students should look nice for their performance but there is no strict dress code.


1. Grades K-12
2. Bonafide members of a member school band or orchestra only
3. Wind, string, or percussion students excluding guitar
Fees Entry fee is $10.00 per person per event and is not refundable. (One entry fee is covered by orchestra fee)

If student wishes to participate in multiple events, additional funds will be required.


1. Registration forms must be completed and submitted to Mrs. Hall by the deadline.


1. Solos do not have to be played from memory.
2. Solos and ensembles may be played with or without accompaniment.
3. Solos and ensembles may not exceed 5 minutes playing time.
4. Any one student may enter no more than three (3) different events. 



1. Solo and ensemble music may be selected at the discretion of the director and will be judged according to suitability and musical value and must be at least 32 measures in length including repeats.
2. The number of persons for ensembles will be determined by the requirements of the composition not to exceed one player to a part, except for divisi parts where two players may be used.
3. One copy of all solo and ensemble scores with measures numbered consecutively is required for the judge. Directors are individually responsible to see that all current copyright laws are followed. Failure to provide such above score will result in disqualification or the performance will be for comment only.
4. All ensembles must meet full instrumentation in order to receive a rating.


1. Each judge shall indicate on the official ballot a rating for each participant, which shall be his estimate of the quality of the performance.
2. The five ratings to be used are:


Awards. Medals are awarded for a I and II Division rating.