WCMS Transportation

Parents of WCMS Bus Riders,

Below is a list of issues/examples for which you could contact Durham School Services main bus lot at 901-277-9782. You could also e-mail your concerns to Jerry Meggs, our Durham Services general manager, at jmeggs@durhamschoolservices.com:

  • A bus arriving excessively early or late to a designated stop.
  • A bus completely misses or does not pick up at a stop.
  • A parent/student is having an issue with a driver.
  • A bus is picking up/dropping off at the wrong stop.
For routing concerns/issues, please contact Transportation Shared Services at 901-286-6703. Our shared services personnel, Transportation SupervisorDebbie Rike, can be reached at drike@colliervilleschools.org and our Transportation SpecialistMichelle Beasley, can be reached at mbeasley@colliervilleschools.org

For questions or concerns about any other school bus related concerns (behavior, peer problems, etc.), contact the Transportation Coordinator for WCMS, Ms. Marsha Davis, at m2davis@colliervilleschools.org.