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Missing/Late Work Reminder

Students, Parents, and Guardians,
    Many people have asked about the "missing" assignments in the grade book. This simply means the assignment was not turned in by the time I entered the grade in PowerSchool. If a student submits and assignment after the "missing" was entered, the "missing" will stay there until their assignment is graded. 
    I grade all of the current and on-time assignments before I grade the late work. I understand that this can be confusing and frustrating for you, but I appreciate your patience as I give every student the same amount of fair feedback on each assignment. 
    The nice thing is that you KNOW the overall grade will be much higher once the student has filled out the Missing/Late Work Form.
    If you are wondering whether or not your child has actually submitted an assignment, you can check through their Schoology! Your children access this on a daily basis so they can help you! Once you are on Schoology and in my class' tab, you just follow these simple steps:
1. Click on the book or story the assignment is connected to.
2. Click on the assignment.
3. On the top middle to right side you will a tab that says "Submissions." Click on that.
4. If your student has submitted, it will show their submission listed along with the time and date that they submitted it.
5. If your student has not submitted, it will say something like, "You have no submissions for this assignment." in gray writing.
If your student has submitted this AND filled out the Missing/Late Work form, please know that the grade will change, but missing and late work is not the priority. Please feel free to email me any questions you have, especially if the assignment has been submitted for 2+ weeks. I will work with your student on finding out why the grade may not have been updated.
Thank you,
Mrs. Puida

2018-2019 School Year!

Hello everyone! I hope y'all had an AWESOME first day! Please be sure to click on the correct class above to see what we are doing each week. I'll include any homework, classwork, quizzes, tests, etc. I'm VERY excited to have each of you in my class, and I think it will be a fantastic year.
Mrs. Puida


Dear Homeroom,
    Y'all have made this year unforgettable. This 7th grade class gets a bad rap a lot of times, but you guys stepped it up this year, and I have really enjoyed having all of you in class!
Abigail- I'll miss you being one of the few who gets (and doesn't make fun of) my Harry Potter references! And thank you for the Sirius Black picture this year. It was in my top 2 favorite birthday presents! 
Joey- remember us when you're in the MLB. We'll never forget your legendary field day softball throw (more like launch)!
Jaiteh- I'll miss seeing you with your headphones hanging out of your sweatshirt every day!
Marco- keep dancing and dressing sharp! Please come see me next year!
Hunter- one word- FORTNITE! see you there. Also, have fun with your puppy!!
Jordan- thank you for raising so much money for our class for Schilling Showdown, knowing who I was talking about when I said, "We talkin bout practice!", and creating such an AWESOME Romeo and Juliet Horror Film. 
Dawson- You NEED to be either an actor or a stand-up comedian when you grow up! You are so hilarious! Thanks for making this year fly by with your comedy and sometimes...ill-timed (but funny) comments.
Kynedi- Keep asking questions, girl! Haha there is nothing wrong with wanting to know more! Also...keep me updated on your sweet, little niece! You know I'd love to see pictures next year!
Taniya- Keep smiling! You have a wonderful smile, and I'll miss seeing it next year!
Anastasi- (Little Red Riding Hood) I will miss (but I'm sure Mrs. Simpson will more) your red hoodie and your quick sense of humor. You always made great puns!
Ju Won- Hopefully your flight to Destin gets rescheduled sometime soon!
Hilary- ¡Sique siendo dulce y divertido! ¡Extranare nuestras conversaciones en español! 
Noah- HAPPY BIRTHDAY (today...May 23) we missed you! It took all year for me to hear you laugh, but I'm so glad I did! Haha You are hilarious!
Aspen- I love your laugh, girl! And I'm so proud of you for trying out for the dance team! Keep smiling and laughing, and life will be smooth! Have fun with your puppy, too!!!
Barrett- Big Hair Cut! I'll miss your quick wit next year. You are too funny! Quiet...but funny! 
Jaymes- Thanks for your help backstage! You and Jackson were literal lifesavers back there for Cardwell and me!
Luc- Boa sorte com o futebol! Lembre-se de quando voce esta no time de futebol americano...quero dizer...time de futebol brasileiro! 
Charlie- I only have one thing to say to you: "I'm not superstitious, but...I am a little stitious." Haha 
Sylvia- SYLVIA!! (pretend I'm shouting that) ;) I'll miss seeing you everyday and talking with you! I loved how we never ran out of things to talk about! Remember  to compliment those who are rude to you. It works! :) 
Delaney- The only other girl who gets my Skyrim references! Thanks for being so awesome and sarcastically funny. I'll miss (and need) that next year for sure!
Abby- Girl...your hair looked super cute EVERYDAY! Thanks for always being so sweet and positive! It made a big difference in our very...diverse class! :)
Ashik- I'm so glad you were in my class this year! It was so great seeing you every day! Thanks for being so kind.  
Ella- You were so sweet to bring my girls (especially MY Ella) so many coloring books and items with Es on them. You were always smiling and adding sunshine to my day!
I'll miss ALL of you so much next year! If you see this, please let everyone else know that I have written to them! <3 There's no class quite like ours! Please feel free to email me with SOMETHIN' GOOD that happens in your lives!!

Week of 21 May 2018

Monday-Thursday: Reading articles/writing on topics/reviewing grammar
Monday-Awards Practice
Tuesday- Awards Ceremony- 1:30-2:30
Wednesday- last full day
Thursday- LAST DAY half day...dismissal at 11:30! <3
It's been a great (and crazy-fast) year!! I love all of you and wish you the BEST of luck in 8th grade!! 
<3 Always,

Week of 14 May 2018

Monday- R&J compare and contrast /Missing Work/ HMWRK: Finish missing work
Tuesday- Career Day and Yearbook signing
Wednesday- Romeo and Juliet
Thursday-Gnomeo and Juliet compare/contrast
Friday-Gnomeo and Juliet compare/contrast

Week of 7 May 2018

Monday- Study Guide due (hmwrk grade); Review for test/ HMWRK: Romeo and Juliet Test tomorrow!
Tuesday- Romeo and Juliet Final Test! (over the whole thing...but hopefully you know that by now!)
Wednesday- POP QUIZ!! (review items like simile, metaphor, protagonist, antagonist, setting, hyperbole, thesis statement, fragment, foreshadowing, dialogue, exposition, rising action, climax, resolution, noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, interjection, conjunction, dramatic irony, flashback, characters from The Hobbit, The Giver, Romeo and Juliet.)
Thursday- FIELD DAY!!! (WOOO!)
Friday- Romeo and Juliet Compare/Contrast

Week of 30 April 2018

Monday- Finish Romeo and Juliet
Tuesday- Finish Romeo and Juliet, Act III Close Read/ HMWRK: Finish Act 3 Close Read and submit
Wednesday- Who's to Blame? / HMWRK: Quiz Study Guide!
Thursday- Who's to Blame?, Review study guide/ HMWRK: Study study guide
Friday- Quiz on Acts 2-4/ HMWRK: Complete study guide for test on Tuesday, May 8.
**Final Test over book on Tuesday, May 8!

Week of 23 April 2018

Monday-Friday: Romeo and Juliet... we'll be reading, acting, and working on StudySync with a few of the scenes. We've almost finished the story! :) Keep up the good work!
No homework, quizzes, or tests this week! :)

Week of 16 April 2018

This week is ELA testing! See the schedule below the week’s agenda if you have questions about where to go.
Monday- Romeo and Juliet Act 2
Tuesday- Closing Ceremonies /Romeo and Juliet
Wednesday- Romeo and Juliet
Thursday- Romeo and Juliet
Friday- Romeo and Juliet
1st Period: Rumburg
2nd Period: Coudriet 
3rd Period: Shirley
4th Period: Yarbro
6th Period: Cardwell

Week of 9 April 2017

ALL students need to UPDATE their iPads to 11.3 BEFORE MONDAY at home. They simply go to Settings > General > Software Update. This procedure will alleviate some glitches that have been happening in Quest Star. We need the iPads to be as up to date for testing weeks to run smoothly!
Monday- Opening Ceremonies (introduce the rules and choose your country)
Tuesday- Language Paper Football
Wednesday- Informational Tilt-A-Cup
Thursday- Language Long Jump
Friday- Thesis Throwdown

Week of 2 April 2018

Monday- Grammar Review/HMWRK: Same as Thursday of last week. Read Act 1 and summarize each scene or every 10-ish pages (depending on which version you read). Summaries due tomorrow.
Tuesday-Romeo and Juliet/HMWRK: Finish "Modifiers" assignment (Schoology) and find 3 modifiers in the West Side Story assignment (Schoology).
Wednesday-Romeo and Juliet- discuss Act 1/HMWRK: Review your summaries and study guide for Quiz tomorrow
Thursday-Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Quiz
Friday-Library Day
**HOMEWORK: ALL students need to update their iPads to 11.3 over the weekend at home. They simply go to Settings > General > Software Update. This procedure will alleviate some glitches that have been happening in Quest Star. We need the iPads to be as up to date for testing weeks to run smoothly!**

Week of 26 March 2018

Monday-Distric-Mandated TNReady Practice Test #1
Tuesday- Finish Practice Test #1 
Wednesday- Distric-Mandated TNReady Practice Test #2 
Thursday-Finish Practice Test #2 *Maps Course Selection Sheets Due!* 
Friday-Good Friday: No School
HMWRK: Read through Act 1 by Tuesday.write a short summary of EITHER:
  • each SCENE if you read the text OR
  • every 10 pages if you read the graphic novel (Act 1 = pg. 7-51)
  • (do your best to understand and summarize. WRITE SOMETHING! It is easier to discuss and explain if everyone has at least tried to read it!)

Week of 19 March 2018

Monday-Write Thesis and Outline Body paragraph 1/ HMWRK: Finish body paragraph 1
Tuesday-  Outline and Write Counterargument and paragraph 2/ HMWRK: Finish outlining and writing paragraph 2
Wednesday-Write Thesis and Outline Body paragraph 2/ HMWRK: Finalize outline to be submitted at the beginning of class TOMORROW! 
Thursday: ESSAY DUE!/ Begin Romeo and Juliet
Friday: Romeo and Juliet Workshop

Week of 5 March 2018

Monday- Sentence Types: Simple;Compound
Tuesday- Sentence Types: Complex;Compound-Complex/HMWRK: Finish Sentence Types Assignment
Wednesday- Practice ACT; Present Sentence Types Assignment
Thursday- Practice ACT Makeup; Finish Long Walk to Freedom; Pre-writing 
Friday- Complete Pre-write