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Weekly Agenda: January 14-18

Monday: Introducing Energy and the Environment
Vocabulary Review
Tuesday: Kill-A-Watt Power Activity
Stations: Testing Energy of Common Household Items
Record Data
Wednesday: Kill-A-Watt Power Activity Cont...
Stations: Testing Energy of Common Household Items
Record Data
Thursday: Introduce Wind Turbine Project
Form Groups
Brainstorm and Research
Decision Matrix
Friday: Wind Turbine Project
Collect Supplies
Start Building

Weekly Agenda: January 7-11

Review routines, procedures, and safety contracts.
Set up engineering notebooks for our new unit, Energy and the Environment
Continue to review procedures, routines, and safety 
Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship Review
Routines and Procedure Review Game

Weekly Agenda: December 17-21

Monday - Work on Therapeutic Toy Commercials
Tuesday - Finish Therapeutic Toy Commercials
Wednesday - Therapeutic Toy Group Presentations
Thursday - Finish Therapeutic Toy Group Presentations
Friday - STEM Activity 

Weekly Agenda: December 3-7

Monday: Therapeutic Toy Design Challenge
               Group Checklist
Tuesday: easyCBM Testing
Wednesday: easyCBM Testing
Thursday: easyCBM Testing
Friday: Therapeutic Toy Design Challenge
             Budget Planning

Weekly Agenda: November 26-30

Monday: Engineering Design Process Review
Tuesday: Engineering Design Process iMovie
Wednesday: Introduce Toy Design Challenge
Thursday: Form Toy Design Groups- Start Project
Friday: Continue Toy Design Project: Brainstorm and Research

Weekly Agenda: November 12-16

Monday: Design Process Review

Tuesday: Puzzle Cube Video Presentation Peer-to-Peer Review
Wednesday: Design Process Review & Introduce Data Collection
Thursday: Puzzle Cube Statistical Analysis Activity
Friday: Finish Data Activity & Reflect

Weekly Agenda: November 5 - 9

Learning Target:
I can apply and document the design process to create a puzzle cube.
Monday- Complete stop motion of prototype cube.
               Complete any sketching
               Build final wooden puzzle
Tuesday- Start Finished Puzzle Presentation (Stop Motion)
Wednesday- Continue Stop Motion of final puzzle cube
Thursday: Complete Stop Motion of final puzzle cube
Friday: Growth Mindset Packet 

Weekly Agenda: October 29 - November 2

Learning Target: I can document my steps through the design process.
Monday: Make multiview sketches of each of the puzzle pieces of puzzle cube
Tuesday: Finish sketches, focus on isometric
Learning Target: I can use the design process to effectively develop a design solution that solves a problem or addresses a design opportunity.
Wednesday: Begin building puzzle cubes
Thursday: Continue building puzzle cubes, Stop motion demo with Ms. Hodge
Friday: Complete building, begin compiling final presentations for puzzle cubes

Weekly Agenda: October 22-26

Monday: Measurement Flip Grid
Tuesday: Measurement Task Cards
Wednesday: Intro to Design Briefs
Thursday: Probability
Friday: Puzzle Designs

Weekly Agenda: October 15-19

Monday - Introduction to Measurement
Tuesday - Measurement: Fractions to Decimals
Wednesday - Measurement: Fractions to Decimals
Thursday - Measurement: Using a Dial Caliper
Friday - Measurement: Ruler vs. Dial Caliper Comparison

Weekly Agenda: October 1-5

Monday: Review
Review Multi-view sketching with small group
Tuesday: Sketching
Perspective Sketching
Wednesday: Measurement
Quiz for Multi-view sketching
 Introduce Measurement
Thursday: Flip Grid Practice
Friday:PicCollage Practice
Happy Fall Break!

Weekly Agenda: September 24-28


  • Introduce Sketching Types
  • Practice Thumbnail Sketching
  • Practice Perspective Sketching


  • Practice Isometric Sketching


  • Multi-view Sketch


  • Mystery Object Activity 


  • Sketching Practice
  • House Meeting

Weekly Agenda: September 17-21

Monday (9/17):
  • Finish easyCBM testing
  • Foot Orthosis Project
Tuesday (9/18):
  • Foot Orthosis Project
Wednesday (9/19):
  • Foot Orthosis Project
Thursday (9/20):
  • Foot Orthosis Project
Friday (9/21):
  • Present Foot Orthosis Projects in class

Weekly Agenda: September 10-14


  • Form Groups
  • Brainstorm Foot Orthosis Project
  • easyCBM 
  • easyCBM
  • easyCBM Fluency
  • Continue Orthosis Project
  • Half Day Students