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Weekly Agenda 1/14-18

Monday- A Jackson and review for Quiz
Tuesday- Quiz and Nullification Crisis
Wednesday- Indian Removal Act and Trail of Tears
Thursday- Study Guide for ch 9 and 10 Test
Friday- Review and Ch 9/10 Test

Weekly Agenda 1/7-11

Monday-Convention of 1818
Tuesday- Monroe Doctrine
Wednesday- Monroe Doctrine
Thursday- Andrew Jackson
Friday- Andrew Jackson

Weekly Agenda

Monday- Lewis and Clark
Tuesday- War of 1812
Wednesday- Study Guide
Thursday- Tecumseh
Friday- Ch 8 Test

Weekly Agenda 12/3-7

Monday- Pic Collage Timeline
Tuesday- Ch 7 Test
Wednesday- Thomas Jefferson
Thursday- 8.2 Louisiana Purchase
Friday- 8.3 Lewis and Clark

Weekly Agenda 11/26-30

Monday- 7.1 Washington's Presidency
Tuesday- 7.2 Jefferson v Hamilton
Wednesday- 7.3 National Challenges
Thursday- 7.4 Adams Presidency
Friday- Sedition Search

Weekly Agenda 11/12-16

Monday- Case 21
Tuesday- Case 21 and judicial branch
Wednesday- Bill of Rights presentations
Thursday- Bill of Rights presentations and Vocab Quiz
Friday- Washington's Administration

Weekly Agenda 11/5-9

Monday- Study Guide and Term Limit
Tuesday- Career Day
Wednesday- Study Guide and Shared Federal and State Powers
Thursday- Test
Friday- Bill of Rights Power Points

Weekly Agenda 10/29-11/2

Monday- Constitutional Convention
Tuesday- 3 Branches of Government
Wednesday- Vocabulary Quiz and Ratifying the Constitution 
Thursday- Federalist/Anti-Federalist
Friday- Bill of Rights

Weekly agenda 10/22-26

Monday- 5.1 Article of Confederation
Tuesday- 5.1 Articles of Confederation
 Wednesday- Shay's Rebellion
Thursday 5.2 Shay's Rebellion and the weaknesses of the A of C
Friday 5.3 Constitition

Weekly Agenda 10/15-19

Monday- Battle of Trenton
Tuesday- Battle of Saratoga, Valley Forge, Vocal Quiz, Folder check
Wednesday- Battle of Yorktown, Study Guide
Thursday- Revolution Test
Friday- Treaty of Paris, Story of Us American Rev.

Weekly Agenda 9/24-28

Monday- Quiz and Ch 3.5 Acts 
Tuesday- 3.5 Acts and Study Guide
Wednesday- Unit 2 Test
Thursday- 4.1 Bunker Hill and Paul Revere
Friday- 4.2 Advantages and Disadvantages

Weekly Agenda 9/17-21

Monday- French Colonies, French and Indian War
Tuesday- French and Indian War
Wednesday- Map Activity Treaty of Paris 1763
Thursday- Colony Conflicts (Sugar, Stamp [primary source documents], and Townshend Acts)
Friday- Vocabulary Quiz ,Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party and Sons of Liberty

Weekly Agenda 9/4-7

Tuesday- Colony Map Project
Wednesday- Study Guide
Thursday- Ch 3 Test
Friday- 3.4 Colonial Life

Weekly Agenda 8/27-8/31

Monday- New England Colonies, Mayflower Compact
Tuesday- Pilgrims
Wednesday- Puritans, NE Economy
Thursday- Middle Colonies
Friday- Vocabulary Quiz

Weekly Agenda 8/13-17

Monday- Rules and Expectations
Tuesday- Social Contract/ PE Procedures
Wednesday- Social Contract/ Locker room rules
Thursday- Explorers/ Uniform Handouts
Friday- Aztecs, Mayans, Incas/ Uniform Handouts