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Weekly Agenda 4/12-16

Monday- Reconstruction and Jamestown
Tuesday- Recon Quiz and Colonial Conflicts
Wednesday- American Revolution
Thursday- Constitution
Friday- T Jefferson and Louisiana Purchase

Weekly Agenda 4/6-9

Tuesday- CASE 21
Wednesday- CASE 21
Thursday- Johnson's Reconstruction Plan
Friday- Radical Republicans and Reconstruction opposition 

Weekly Agenda 3/22-26

Monday- Robert E Lee
Tuesday- Shiloh and US Grant
Wednesday- Vicksburg and 54th Mass.
Thursday- Gettysburg and G. Address
Friday- Lee v Grant and Appomattox Courthouse

Weekly Agenda

Monday- Pre-Civil War review and Quiz
Tuesday- Make up work day for the 9 Weeks and start CW Packet
Wednesday- Cont. CW Packet
Thursday- Ft Sumter and North/South Advantages
Friday- Leaders of the Civil War

Weekly Agenda 3/1-5

Monday- Current Event Debates
Tuesday- Current Event Debates
Wednesday- Election of 1860
Thursday- Succession
Friday- Study Guide for Quiz on Monday, 3/8

Weekly Agenda 1/25-29

Monday- Manifest Destiny and Mexican/American War
Tuesday- Gadsen Purchase and Gold Rush
Wednesday- Gold Rush and Quiz
Thursday- Study Guide
Friday- Test

Weekly Agenda 1/11-15

Monday- Andrew Jackson
Tuesday- Nullification Crisis
Wednesday- Indian Removal Act
Thursday- Study Guide
Friday- Andrew Jackson Test

Weekly Agenda 12/14-19

Monday- Study Guide review for the Test
Tuesday- Test
Wednesday- Tecumseh and L/C video
Thursday- Star Spangle Banner
Friday- 1st Semester review 

Weekly Agenda 12/7-11

Monday- Barbary Pirates
Tuesday- CASE 21
Wednesday- War of 1812
Thursday- War of 1812 and Quiz
Friday- Study Guide and Review
Monday 12/14- Jefferson Test

Weekly Agenda 11/30-12/4

Monday- Marbury v Madison
Tuesday- Judicial Review
Wednesday- Louisiana Purchase
Thursday- Louis and Clark 
Friday- Sacajawea 

Weekly Agenda 11/16-20

Monday- Election of 1796 TJ v Adams
Tuesday- XYZ Affair
Wednesday- Alien and Sedition Act
Thursday- Early America Quiz
Friday- 3 Branch of the US Government Review

Weekly Agenda 11/9-13

Monday- Washington's Presidency
Tuesday- Hamilton vs Jefferson
Wednesday- Whiskey Rebellion and Farewell Address
Thursday- John Adams and XYZ Affair
Friday- CLEP info session with Mrs. Turner and Alien and Sedition Act

Weekly Agenda 11/2-6

Monday- Bill of Rights Scenario
Tuesday- off
Wednesday- Vocabulary Quiz and Study Guide
Thursday- Constitution Test 
Friday- Washington's Presidency

Weekly Agenda 10/26-30

Monday- Constitutional Convention and the Great Compromise
Tuesday- 3/5th Compromise and the 3 Branches of our Government
Wednesday- Federalists and Anti-Federalist
Thursday- Federalist Papers and Bill of Rights
Friday- Bill of Rights Scenarios