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Updated Academic Support

What is Academic Support?

Academic Support is provided as a time to make-up/retake/complete an assignment due to either an absence or a demonstrated lack of effort. This is also a way of providing students with a structured time to improve his/her grade without missing valuable instruction during class time.

In the Academic Support classroom, the assignment will be administered by the teacher on duty. You must have all necessary materials needed to complete your assignment including: book, paper, pen, calculator, etc. These items will not be provided for you.

Academic Support is provided multiple times each week. You may choose the most convenient day and time to attend. This form must be turned in to the assigning teacher at least one day in advance to guarantee that your assignment will be in the Academic Support classroom. Thank you for taking advantage of this opportunity to raise your grade and not miss instructional time.

All blanks for the academic support permission slip need to be filled in.

Teacher Name
Parent Signature
Afternoon transportation home
Contact phone number

***The academic support permission slip should be turned into the assigning teacher before the student makes up the missed assignment or failed test.***