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January 7-11

Monday-TNReady S1 Standards Review Packet
Tuesday-TNReady S1 Standards Review Packet
Wednesday-TNReady S1 Standards Review Packet
Thursday-TNReady S1 Standards Review Packet
Friday-Spanish Inquisition & Reconquista

December 17-21

Monday-Africa/Islam Review
Tuesday-Africa/Islam Review
Wednesday-Africa/Islam Review
Thursday-Africa/Islam Review
Friday-Semester 1 Crossword Puzzle

December 10-14

Monday-Magna Carta
Tuesday-Modern Economy of Europe/Joan of Arc
Wednesday-Middle Ages Test Review Day
Thursday-Middle Ages Test
Friday-Africa Recap & Review Day

December 3-7

Monday-Middle Ages Mini-Teacher Project Presentations (Day 2)
Tuesday-The Battle of Hastings
Wednesday-The Crusades
Thursday-The Black Death
Friday-Middle Ages Vocab Quiz (words are in Schoology in the "Quizzes Tests and Study Guides" Q2 folder)

Weekly Agenda November 26-30

Tuesday-The Medieval Catholic Church
Wednesday-Middle Ages Mini-Teacher Project (Students need to complete this project at home if not finished in class. Presentations will be on Friday)
Thursday-Middle Ages Popes vs. Kings
Friday-Middle Ages Mini-Teacher Presentations 

Weekly Agenda November 12-16

Monday-World History Textbook/Middle Ages (Sections 1 & 2)
Tuesday-Case 21 Practice Test 
Wednesday-Geography of Europe/Intro to the Middle Ages
Thursday-World History Textbook/Middle Ages (Sections 3 & 4)
Friday-Middle Ages Timeline Poster

Weekly Agenda Nov 5-9

Monday-Textbook: Section 1 & 2
Tuesday-Japan Book Project
Wednesday-Japan Book Project
Thursday-Japan Book Project
Friday-Japan Map/Vocab Quiz (students may use their Japan Book to help them answer the questions on the quiz)

Weekly Agenda October 29-November 2

Wednesday-Ming Dynasty
Thursday-China Review Day
Friday-China TEST

Weekly Agenda October 22-26

Monday-Geography of China
Tuesday-Geography of China (Day 2)
Wednesday-Tang Dynasty
Thursday-Song Dynasty
Friday-China Vocabulary Quiz

Weekly Agenda October 15-19

Monday-Sundiata the Lion King Lesson
Tuesday-Sundiata the Lion King Part 2
Wednesday-Africa Test Review Day
Thursday-Africa Test (Study Gudie in Schoology in the Quizzes, Tests & Study Guides folder)
Friday-Africa Mask Activity

Weekly Agenda October 1-5

Students will spend this week creating an Africa Book. They will have an instruction book and guideline expectations for completion each day. There will be a sub there this entire week. 

Weekly Agenda September 24-28

Monday-Africa Geography & Empires Lesson
Tuesday-African Trade, Religion, & Cultures Station Lesson
Wednesday-Mansa Musa Lesson
Thursday-Sundiata the Lion King Lesson
Friday-Africa Vocab Quiz (study guide in Schoology)

Weekly Agenda September 17-21

Monday-Test Review Day
Tuesday-Arabia Test
Wednesday-Arabia Story Activity
Thursday-Arabia Story Activity (Day 2)
Friday-Case 21 Social Studies Benchmark Test (no studying required)

Weekly Agenda September 10-14

Monday-Arabic Achievements Lesson
Tuesday-Patriot Day Lesson
Wednesday-Ottoman Empire Lesson
Thursday-Safavid Empire/Mughal Empire Lesson
Friday-Arabia Vocab Quiz

Weekly Agenda September 4-8

Monday-Labor Day (No School)
Tuesday-Arabic Culture Lesson
Wednesday-Geography of Arabia Lesson
Thursday-Sunni/Shia Lesson
Friday-Arabic Trade Routes Lesson & Arabia Map Quiz