H.S. Strings III Auditions

High school course selections are nearing. Strings I and II are the next courses for rising 8th graders. There is no audition required for Strings I or II. However, if your child is advanced and would like a more challenging musical course, they can audition for Strings III. When doing course selections, indicate your preference and the H.S. will place you in the appropriate course based on your audition. It is also possible to start out in Strings I or II and be moved during the school year. There is a bit more flexibility with H.S. course adjustments.

Strings III Audition Requirements: 

Song selection: Excerpt of your choice. (Bach violin concertos and cello suites are preferred but not required.)

Scales: melodic minor scale appropriate for your instrument (Violin – g melodic minor, Viola & Cello – c melodic minor & for Bass e melodic minor) all instruments should also prepare Ab major scale & B Major scale. Mrs. Fuller will accept 2 octaves but would prefer 3.

Video should be a clear view of yourself and instrument.

Email your video(s) to Mrs. Fuller by May 1. [email protected]